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The Law Offices of E. Vicki Arians, LLC
Full Service to the Health Care Community

The Law Offices of E. Vicki Arians, LLC provide a full complement of legal services to the health care and chiropractic community.  We concentrate our legal efforts in area that support you and your practice.

  • Is your treatment plan being altered because you can’t get paid by insurance companies in auto cases?  Let our offices file PIP arbitrations on your behalf and get your  office the reimbursement it deserves foe the vital patient care it provides.
  • Are you being charged with insurance fraud by an insurance company, ore audited by a major medical insurer for bill the insurance company approved and paid years ago?  Let our offices defend your right to payment and the services you honestly provided in good faith.
  • Are you confused about what corporate form to use for your practice or whether you can use other health care practitioners in your practice?  Let out offices clarify these complicated issues for you.
  • Have you been called to account by one of the professional boards for issues related to your practice?  Let our offices guide you through this confusing process and help you to protect your license.

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