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E. Vicki Arians, Esq., founding member of the Law Offices of E. Vicki Arians, LLC, has many years of experience representing health care professionals in their practices and working on behalf of the chiropractic and medical community.

Ms. Arians has successfully defended health care providers in complex insurance fraud cases, and has provided advice and defense to physicians and chiropractors on regulatory issues critical to the successful maintenance of their practices.  Through Ms. Arians’ efforts, millions of dollars have been paid to providers whose claims were originally denied for compensation by insurance companies.

Prior to starting the firm, Ms. Arians served the State of New Jersey in various roles, including directing Regulatory Affairs, the New Jersey Lemon Law Unit, and as Counsel to State Senate Health Committee Chair Jack Sinagra.  From those positions, Ms. Arians has gained experience in negotiating and drafting regulatory and statutory law for all professionals regulated by the State of New Jersey, experience in prosecuting professionals before the state boards.  That diverse background can now help you.

As former Counsel to Senator Jack Sinagra and as Counsel to the New Jersey Chiropractic Forum and Northern New Jersey Chiropractic Society, Ms. Arians has worked on key pieces of legislation and regulation.  Her efforts have assisted in bringing about positive change for the healthcare community and include work on revisions to New Jersey’s tort reform laws, rules providing for greater insurance company accountability when non-attending chiropractors deny further care to patients and revisions to rules to facilitate organ donation for those who wish to donate their organs after death.

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